The 1st MATE Regatta Dragon Boat Festival organized in Szarvas between 24-26 June 2022 by the Hungarian University of Agriculture and Life Science was held at the same time as this year’s national cultural event of Night of the Museums held on 25 June.

Photographing the races of Regatta on Saturday was already done when it came to my mind that before my arrival to Szarvas I had read that a special light show would be made at Mini Hungary Park as part of Night of the Museums 2022 (as I realized it later that special feature is only can be seen here once a year, on or closest to the summer solstice).

As I still had a couple of free hours until the party in the evening got started, it was out of question that after dinner and after dark I would have to go to that Park being part of the Szarvas Arboretum just for the sake of some relaxation – since as a photographer I take pictures even when I take a rest, there is no time to be idle – because an event like that, especially when I was already in town, couldn’t be missed.

It was really spectacular and regenerating for me to visit the Park to see that unique light painting, it really wouldn’t have been worth staying at the hostel instead and waiting for the start of the closing party to take photos again.





Click here to find the photos of the race of MATE Regatta 2022 and the ones of the opening and the closing parties.

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