I’m honoured that the expert jury of Hungary 365 photo contest has shortlisted two of my entries to be part of the reference album made of all entries submitted in 2022.


This time I am featured in the album with the photo series taken about the 8th Peace March held on 23 October 2021, and about the 9th Peace March held on 15 March 2022, or more precisely, with one photo selected from them respectively. (According the rules of the contest entries were eligible if they were taken since 19 October 2021.)



The competition aims to showcase the values of Hungary.

The album includes the 365 best entries.

As photographer Ottó Kaiser, the president of the jury says in the foreword of the book: ’The album features 365 pieces of Hungary once more, and if you flip through it, you’ll discover a summary of the 2022 competition, snippets of Hungary from the previous year.’

In 2022, more than ever before, almost 38000 entries were submitted by the contestants.

8th Peace March | Budapest | HU | 23 October 2021

9th Peace March | Budapest | HU | 15 March 2022

If you are interested in which one of my photos is included in the 2019 reference album of the Hungary 365 photo contest (also which photo of mine was among the selected entries for an exhibition that could be visited on the Danube Promenade, between Vigadó and 15th March Square, in Budapest, day and night between 14 March and 10 April 2023, highlighting 200 entries from all the ones submitted in the first 4 years of Hungary 365 photo contest), and if you are interested in which one of my photos is included in the 2021 reference album of the Hungary 365 photo contest, click here.

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