MANK Hungarian Creative Arts Nonprofit Ltd and Hungarian Museum of Trade and Tourism wanted to implement a fine arts program titled ’At the Lord’s Table’ and to organize an exhibition in the vicinity of Hungarian Museum of Trade and Tourism, in connection with the 52nd International Eucharistic Congress (5-12 September, 2021). Once again, after 83 years, Hungary hosted the International Eucharistic Congress that made MANK Nonprofit Ltd and its cooperating partner, Hungarian Museum of Trade and Tourism also wanted to contribute to that historic moment.

The organizers of the contest deliberately gave a broader interpretation to the subject entitled ’At the Lord’s Table’, which provided an opportunity for applicants to draw inspiration from the world of the Bible to the widest possible immersion in works of art on the subject of the encounter between God and a human being.

The theme of the event encompassed all the stories and moments where human beings and the Lord unite in the framework of a ’holy treat’. In the heart of this encounter the Eucharist can be found, when it invites people to let it actually be for what Jesus came to earth.

Applicants were eligible to apply for the call with paintings, graphics, outdoor sculpture, small sculptures, reliefs, installations, video works and photographic works.

With the open-air exhibition the organizers wanted to show as many people as possible how the sacrament of the Eucharist inspires the birth of works of art. A five-member jury selected the works, the reproductions of which were presented on the façade of the Museum from 21 September to 24 October 2021.


I’m honoured to have been selected among the exhibitors with a photograph!

Photo: Irén Jánosi

’Go forth, the Mass is ended. Thanks be to God.’

After Sunday Mass in Hollókő-Ófalu (Old Village of Hollókő, Hungary), which has been on the UNESCO World Heritage List since 1987, at the St Martin Roman Catholic Church on 27 September, 2015.

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